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Light Of The Stars by Adam Frank

Review: 4 / 5

Light of the Stars was a follow up read to The Possibility of Life, taking a different approach to presenting the search for extraterrestrial life and why that search matters for us. Light of the Stars focuses on the premise that the search for life on other planets, around other stars, matters to us as we begin to clearly see the effects of climate change. Are we the first beings in the universe to burn so much fuel that we permanently alter the climate of our only home? Could other civilizations like ours have found a way to survive? What would the signs of life on other worlds look like when we will never see any of these worlds ourselves?

A fun and thought-provoking read, but not quite as engrossing as The Possibility of Life.


Title: Light Of The Stars
Author: Adam Frank
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9780393609011
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