What I'm doing now

Last updated April, 15, 2024


I am a Director of Product Engineering at ClickFunnels, responsible for building and improving ClickFunnels' suite of marketing software products. Email marketing tools, automation builders, and CRM tools fall into my world. My team works in Ruby on Rails and React, I ship a very small amount of code personally. I focus on the product side of the role, what are we building and why, and on removing roadblocks so my team can run at full speed.

I am rewriting my book on Turbo, Stimulus, and Rails, aiming to be done in spring of this year. I took a year plus off of technical writing after starting my current role at ClickFunnels and have really enjoyed getting back to it after the long break. I still have not found a use for gen AI in my writing.

After a consulting break while settling into my role at ClickFunnels, I am taking on a few small consulting clients in 2024. I am focusing on bootstrapped founders that need to get their product and engineering organziations into shape after finding their footing in the market. I can write and review code in my consulting work, but I am more interested in adding value by helping with process, hiring, and scaling problems.


We moved to Los Angeles last summer after 17 years in Austin. We closed on a house in the valley this winter and are in the midst of tending our backyard garden and working on projects to make the home ours while enjoying our first desert spring.

I took my first boxing class about 18 months ago and it completely changed my approach to fitness and health after a few decades of running a lot and doing very little strength, flexibility, or agility training. Cannot recommend enough getting out of the normal routine. I box enough now that I have a heavy bag and a double end bag in my garage to supplement in-person training. Including boxing, I work out somewhere around 8 hours most weeks, mostly in my garage with body weight exercises and sand bags.

I am thinking a lot about loneliness and finding ways to help people build healthier versions of themselves, offline and in-person. My phone screen time is trending down, and is under 30 minutes per day most days.

We are in the midst of planning a small international trip in 2025 to see family and get out of the country for the first time since the pandemic, and a large international trip in 2026 to celebrate my 40th birthday.