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2021 Goals

2020 wasn’t a banner year, but my wife and I are both healthy and financially secure, and 2021 promises to be better. A vaccine is on the way and the end of the global pandemic is in sight. I’m excited for what’s to come.

For accountability, I’m posting my 2021 personal goals here, and I’ll share updates on my progress every quarter.

Health & Fitness

Getting back into shape after a rough year, including a bout with COVID and an autoimmune disease diagnosis. In 2021 I will:

Run more than 1,000 kilometers

Increase deadlift max to 250+ pounds

Increase max pull-up reps to more than 10


Next year, we’ll make up for lost time:

Spend more than 3 months of the year away from our home

Take one international trip

See our parents in person

Stretch goal: Move to the United Kingdom. I've applied for a (long shot) visa that would allow us to live in the UK for up to 5 years. If we are approved, lots of other goals might change


Striking out on my own after 10 years as an employee at a bootstrapped SaaS company. By December 31, 2021 I will:

Build and launch three products, to stretch my muscles, build a reputation, and have some fun

Surpass $5,000 in MRR from SaaS products